We have an extensive selection of general grocery items that you would expect from any food store.  We do our best to offer premium products at a reasonable price.  Some product attributes that we look for include: organic, BPA free, lower sodium or no salt added, sugar-free (natural sugar substitutes), local, vegetarian, and reasonably priced.  Below are most of the categories that we regularly stock.

Baking Supplies, Canned goods and condiments,Cereal, Crackers and Chips, Deserts, Drinks and Juices , Meals and side dishes, Non-dairy milks, Nut butters and jams, Pasta and sauces, Soups, Sugar-free, Teas and Coffees

  • Cookies! Newmans' O's, Ginger Snaps, Alternative Baking Company (ABC) vegan cookies, all sorts of tasty sweet treats.

  • Mac-n-cheese, Indian meals, Couscous and Tabouli, Soups, Instant Noodles, and more yummy easy meals

  • We have a wide variety of cheese's best friends, crackers, so you to select the best companion for your cheese or hummus selection.

  • Teas for an ailment, teas for waking up, teas for fun, we have all sorts to tempt your fancy

  • Local Kombucha, sugar-free soda, organic juice, natural root beer, ionized water, and many more re-hydrating and tasty delights in the fridge or on the shelf

  • Baking cocoa, chocolates, fllours, mixes, and less common ingredients such as marzipan, guar gum, and just whites can be found in our baking aisle.

  • Our meat freezer is in a flux, new and improving as we work on getting the best we can. We recently picked up a few local sausages!

  • Vegan or lactose intolerant? We have almond, soy, rice, coconut, and hemp milks.

  • Cold and hot cereals, from Crazy Baker granola from WV to organic Bob's Red Mill's Tasty Hot Cereal. Come find your favorite!

  • Chocoholics we have it all!. Dark, milk, truffles, fruits, salt, spicy, caramels, or coffee just to name a few on our shelf.