Eats Natural Foods

Doin' it naturally since 1974


Stan  (beer/wine, supplements, gifts/incense, misc):

I took a circuitous route to get to Eats.  I started working at grandma’s tobacco farm in NC and worked in HS as short order cook. Then I attended RPU & VPI.  I am an electrical engineer by training and worked for VA Electric & Power Co. as a field engineer.  They wanted me to transfer to the Surry Nuclear Plant which I had some blueprints work on and decided to move back to Blacksburg and work for several electrical contractors and became a veggie in the process – lots of ribbing from fellow workers.  I shopped at the original Eats and when it was either going to close or be sold, I helped buy it and keep it open.  After several years, I had a bad accident and could no longer do heavy lifting so I started working more at Eats and as business grew, it became a full-time job.

Becky (coffee, cards, grocery, misc.):

Good food has always been a priority for me.  When I quit teaching in the late ’70’s to move to Chicago and become a “starving artist,” I discovered the Bread Shop.  This small natural food store and bakery was just around the corner.  One thing I resolved – I could do without a lot but not good food.  I bought bulk foods and cooked at home.  I love cooking!

Thirty years later I’m living in the mountains of Virginia, became a vegetarian, met and married Stan Davis, retired my sewing business and now work at eats.

It’s a pleasure to work with our family of employees, serve our loyal customers and share my joy of good food.

Teresa (cheese, grocery):

Teresa McCartney has worked at Eats Natural Foods for 11 years and has gained community fame for her talkative, helpful personality.  She can normally be found behind the cheese counter making recommendations and encouraging customers to sample.  She is also infamous for her unusual and fashionable outfits, acts of rebellion originating from when she was forced to wear lederhosen as a small child.  You may know her as the cheese lady; much of the community engages in ‘cheese lady spotting,’ an activity akin to a real life Where’s Waldo game.  When she isn’t working, Teresa enjoys swimming,  shopping at thrift stores and seeing films at the Lyric.  But she is married with a teenage daughter so don’t get any ideas.

Hannah (grocery, misc.):

I moved to Blacksburg in 2005 for graduate school, when I started working at Eats two weeks after moving to town.  After I finished school,  I loved my job and Blacksburg, so I decided to stick around and make this my home.  I order some of most things.



Meriel (books, misc.):

I’ve been at Eats since 2007.  Amongst other things, I order books for the store.




Monica (personal care, supplements):

Long story…short.  Many moons ago I met organic produce and fell in love…  Love to eat organic produce.  Love to cook organic produce.  Love to eat and cook organic produce with organic friends.  Living happily as “Eats” produce buyer!  Loving that its organic and local as much as possible… You’ll find me in the produce section!


Kim (produce, local meats and eggs, grocery):

Kim has been living in and around Blacksburg for eight years.  After studying biology at Tech she has been apprenticing on small organic farms and working at Eats.  She feels so lucky to get to be part of the Eats crew and loves getting to know customers.  This Spring she began working part time for the WIC program at the Floyd County Health Dept. managing a garden for low income mothers.  No matter where she works Kim is excited about helping people to eat healthy.





Heather was hired by Eats while she was attending Blacksburg High School.  Since then she has had the great fortune to come and go from the area, always finding refuge at Eats when she returns.  Heather graduated from Hollins University in 2011 and currently has two cats, although one is pretty feral.  She is also a part of the non-profit organization the Pocket Project, to which Eats has had been tremendously supportive.